About us

Fintech impacts all Canadians.
Our aim is to ensure it’s for the better.

Building the next generation of fintech leaders

Our mission at Fintech Cadence is to accelerate the movement of financial technology in the Canada ecosystem through collaborative projects between students, professionals, financial institutions, corporations, regulators, SMEs and startups.

Founded in 2016 in Montreal, QC, Canada, we provide multiple programs for the community from Canada's first Fintech Certificate; Formathon Program where we connect corporates with existing challenges to talent to find solutions; to our Ascension Program where established teams go through a 12-week incubation to reach their next fintech flag.

 We create a funnel at the core, helping educate and build the next fintech leaders of tomorrow. We've been able to achieve our mission due to our many great collaborations with leading and impressive partners in the ecosystem.


We focus on 3 pillars

(1) Educate fintech talent

(2) Support early-stage fintech start-ups

(3) Collaborate with financial institutions to help solve industry challenges


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