Formathon Program

may-june 2020

Canada’s only and largest fintech testing-ground

to build the fintech leaders of tomorrow


The formathon is a 3 week intensive program where you find & build a solution to today’s real challenges provided by corporates and financial institutions. Prizes are given at the demo-night!

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It was amazing how we were supported throughout the process. When you are doing a startup everyone thinks that you are alone, but with Fintech Cadence, there was someone helping you every step of the way.

3 Tracks to choose from

Participants can choose 3 tracks at the formathon.

They are:

  • Corporate Track

  • Research Track

  • Startup Track


Corporate Track

Looking to work on a current
industry challenge? Want to work in close partnership with Corporates in building real-time solutions? Want your first client lined up?

Then this track is for you!

Research Track

Are you passionate about Fintech but are not looking to work on your own start-up? Are you excited by research and diving deeper into industry challenges?

Then this track is for you!

Startup Track

Have an idea that you have always wanted to work on? Have just started working on an idea and want support on early validation? Looking for passionate teammates?

Then this for you!


Be part of the solution.

A unique tailored program made for:

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A summer & career-starter commitment

Formation Week

May 2020

65% of start-ups fail due to founding team issues – don’t let this be the reason you don’t succeed – spend time to learn who you work with! The formation week focuses on matching talent together – this is an optional stage where you will be meeting like minded individuals and testing compatibility as well as skill.

Formathon Sprint

June 2020

Whether you are in the startup track, corporate track or research track, the Formathon Sprint is the meat of our program. For a total of 8 sessions over the month of June, we will give you the tools and resources to research, brainstorm, ideate and even start wireframing your solution! All teams will present in their each tracks and have the chance to win multiple prizes!

Formathon Select

June 2020

Several teams can be crowned winners across all three tracks. Corporate winners will transition into Formathon Select, an opportunity where you will continue to receive coaching from Fintech Cadence, the mentors and champions that you've interacted with during the Formathon Sprint. You will also have access to Startupfest's Hackerfest weekend, where you can attract more talent and programmers to work on your solution!


A program with 5 different key ingredients
that make us unique
and brings a one-of-a-kind experience for you

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Who is the formathon for?

Fintech Cadence strongly believes in the power of multi-disciplinary teams.
Whether you're a Multi-Disciplinary Talent, curious Entrepreneur in Training
or an Experienced Entrepreneur, the Formathon requires passion & curiosity.





Participation Cost

Food, snacks and beverages will be included in every session


$75 (+taxes)

$35 (+taxes)


Relive 2019’s formathon pitch night!