fintech certificate

Next cohort begins January 2020

The Fintech Certificate aims to provide students with the tools, data and frameworks that will help them contribute to the progression of the fintech sector.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Fintech Cadence has been fortunate to be part of the fintech and startup ecosystem in Montreal from its early years. We have seen startups ideate, pivot, move on, grow and flourish. We have also seen various stakeholders engage and become more implicated by fintech whether they enter through the financial sector, research or the potential of technology.

We now look at our ecosystem and ask ourselves how can we elevate the conversations, research, product development, corporate strategy and startups to the next level.


Fintech Certificate

The answer - provide the opportunity to deepen our knowledge in this area.

As such we are very excited to present the Building Blocks Fintech Certificate taught by the Cadence team and renowned experts in the field!


Understanding the Process


The principles of the certificate


1. Comprehensive learning and curriculum: Taking the concepts, technologies and trends of fintech and deepening understanding of them.

2. Experts in the field: Montreal is fortunate to host a range of experts, researchers and academics working in this field who will be executing the content of the certificate.

3. Innovations: Trends, developments and context will use the most up-to-date innovations and practices.

4. Local Knowledge: Along with global and national trends, Montreal context, products, startups and research will be highlighted.

5. Diverse teaching methods: The certificate will utilize various methods that have proven to engage students, experiential learning activities, case studies, workshops and seminars.

6. Network: Meet experts in the field of AI, Blockchain, Regulations and connect with ecosystem organizations as well as VC's and Accelerators.


Topics include


Artificial intelligence




Patent/intellectual property

Trends and forecasts


The Certificate is designed for:

The certificate is open to all academic backgrounds
(Whether you come from Finance, Business, Tech, Engineering, Arts or Social Sciences, etc.).



Over the course of 12-weeks the certificate will run 7 sessions.

All sessions will be held in person and every 2nd Saturday.

The certificate will have a 75 participant capacity. First come, first serve.

Open to all academic backgrounds, both students & professionals.

At the moment our courses will be offered in English.

We are working on creating french content (be on the lookout for the next edition)!

The Certificate will be taking place in Montreal, QC, Canada.

winter 2020

Class 1 - Jan 11

Class 2 - Jan 25th

Class 3 - Feb 8th

Class 4 - Feb 22nd


Class 5 - March 7th

Class 6 - March 21st

Class 7 - April 4th



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We were delighted to have some experts of these stakeholders teach one of our building block courses, and excited to welcome back recurrent and new stakeholders joining us for the Winter 2020 Cohort!


Let’s talk about blockchain

Concordia Professor Jeremy Clark, speaks about blockchain technology: its landscape & future directions; to our students

Participation Cost

*Must attend at least 4 out of the 7 courses to receive the certificate of completion